Barlonyo Northern Uganda Project

For two years a project called Victory ladies was done by MwA. This project saw ten women, victims of the war, be given hope for a better future through learning to establish a trade as well as learning about Jesus via weekly Bible studies. Moses, the man on the left of the first photo, was a tremendous help and stable guide throughout. We were able to visit these women and rejoice with them, pray for them, and encourage them to run forward with what they have been taught. The photo on the bottom is of the store they are operating in Moses’ building in lieu of getting the town market built.

Prison Ministry in Arua Northern Uganda

Prison ministry was special this last trip to Uganda. We travelled to Arua, Northern Uganda. Over twenty men came to Jesus and the TEF team are going in once per week to disciple these young men. We are very grateful for the follow-up they are doing and we appreciate the prison system in Arua for facilitating our visit and the courtesy with which we were allowed to do what God called us to do. We were also able to go into the women’s prison and, although we were not allowed the freedom of the men’s facility, the response from the women was great.

It is against the rules to take photos so we could not get you visuals. However, Pastor Maxwell of Truth Evangelistic Fountain Arua, who is in charge of the prison ministry as well as the youth there, is pictured below on the left. Steven Millar, from our team, shared the Gospel and lead the men to the Lord on this trip. We are grateful to the Lord that He allowed us this opportunity to share His grace and mercy to those who now have come to know Him through His Word spoken.




Sponsorship Children







Ronald, Isaac and Christine, beloved children in our program.










One of our greatest pleasures on missions trips is to visit with the children sponsored by Missions with Africa, Inc. For those of you who wish to sponsor a child please visit our sponsorship page. We found each of our children growing and learning and excited about having a future. Children in Uganda have been very traumatized by the long-lasting war in their country. There are many orphans and homeless children. We choose those with the greatest need. Truth Evangelistic Fountain leads our work faithfully.

Rural Churches

One of the highlights of our journey was going to the rural churches of Truth Evangelistic Fountain. Some were brand new, others established well. One church had no building and we shared the Word under a big tree. The women of this church prayed for us and blessed us.

Another church was literally having their opening ceremony and we were surprised by the number of very young people in this  church. What a blessing to see the next generation coming up…

Some of these churches also have branch churches in their care.







Series on our trip to Uganda: Truth Fountain and the Lead Churches

.In the next few posts I will be sharing some of the beautiful things God did while we were in Uganda mid October through mid November. We are planning to go again this summer or fall as God wills concerning our timing and things we are to do.

On this trip we were to go to refugees up North, to prisons, to visit the sponsored children of Missions with Africa, Inc., and many other things.

The team at Truth Evangelistic Fountain did a wonderful job of leading the ministry for this trip. We wish to thank them very much. We appreciate everything they did to make God’s will be accomplished easily and efficiently.

We visited the three lead churches, the rural outreach churches, visited TEF Vocational School, Saving Grace Orphanage/School, prisons, hospitals, Barlonyo Victory Ladies project, an orphanage for Sudanese refugee children, refugee churches, Arua Northern TEF church, and participated in prayer for the High Voltage Conference that was to take place soon after we left.

We were treated to dinner with Pastor Johnson and Sis. Alice Enamu and daughter Delite. Sadly, Johnson and Alice were killed in a tragic accident shortly after we returned home. They will be greatly missed, having ministered to us and blessed us so richly but we know they are resting in peace with the Father. To be absent from this flesh is to be present with our Lord. We celebrate their victory and the life they lead which touched many thousands of lives.














Please check out the link on our home page to read more about Truth Fountain Evangelistic with whom we work. Below is a photo of the church in Lira.

High Voltage Healing Festival 2017

Truth Evangelistic Fountain Ministry holds an annual mega conference that draws people from across East Africa and other countries. The High Voltage Miracle Conference has been held for the last 15 years and has recorded more than 20,000 people in attendance each year. This year we brings to you the 16 edition of the Conference. The conference has never been void of Healing, Holy ghost in filling, Salvation, Prophetic etc. Every one is invited for this lifetime experience!!!

The faith of our grand parents @ High Voltage Healing Festival 2017

Upcoming Trip to Uganda

The time has finally come. Oct. 15th the MwA team, Lenta Hall, Steven and Laura Millar, will be headed to Uganda. We will be meeting with the Truth Fountain Evangelistic team for a time of serving and sharing. Anyone who wishes to help us bless those we serve can donate on this site or contact us at 208-935-5582 for other options. We do not take funds from anything donated for specific areas. You can designate on our contribute page. We appreciate every one of you and your donations are deductible.

The Fullness

The devil and his people may establish strongholds, a house, a hill, a grove, a town, a county, or even a country, but he  cannot own the earth, nor the fullness thereof.

The Son of God came to earth and brought redemption of man and all that pertains to him. At the Name of Jesus EVERY knee shall bow, in heaven and in earth.

The Name of Jesus  is given to God’s people, and the authority of it, not for vain-glory, but for taking back that which was stolen from Him in the Garden when man sinned. It is for taking back the dominion. Jesus returned the dominion and authority to man.

Are we recovering the fullness Jesus died for? Or are we allowing the enemies strongholds to stand? Are we willing to fast and pray and stand to return God’s glory to Him? Or do we secretly want the glory for ourselves?

I Corinthians 10:26 tells us, “For the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof”.

The Kingdom is Within You

Wanted to share a link to a Daniel Kolenda’s short message.

It expresses beautifully Jesus’ central message about the Kingdom of God.

1.) Jesus’ theme was the kingdom.

2.) The Kingdom of God is a Dominion Kingdom with a King: God the Father.

3.) Jesus’ words: Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.

4.) The will of God in you brings the Kingdom of God wherever you are.

5.) When the Kingdom truly comes, satan has to bow.

6.) When the Kingdom comes things begin to change.

7.) The Kingdom requires demonstration. It has to LOOK like something.

8.) Your temple is a territory of the Kingdom of God.

9.) The Kingdom is the central teaching of Jesus. He told of it and then demonstrated it.

10.) Jesus healed the sick to prove that you could. The Kingdom of God must flow out.


Mission Team to go to Uganda

A team from Missions with Africa, Inc. will be heading to Northern Uganda this summer. The Victory Ladies Project will be visited as well as the sponsorship children. From here it will be much varied but all in the area of outreach. Your prayers and support are very appreciated in this. Our hearts are full with the Spirit of God and we know He will be on deck and doing all the things He does.

Laura and Steven Millar, Pastor James Ekwang, and Lenta Hall. We will be joining Pastor James at his Truth Evangelistic Fountain Ministries in Lira, Uganda.

Healings, Miracles, Signs and Wonders

For Missions with Africa, Inc. April 8th and 9th were days of celebration for the Clearwater Valley area. We saw healings, salvation, and the anointed Word went forth to touch our lives.


Jeannie is walking again!

We wish to thank all those who made calls, helped get the word out about the meetings, and came to attend. Thank you for bringing your loved ones with a need.

Special thanks to Pastor James Ekwang. You are truly a man of God and a blessing to us. You have inspired us greatly.

Thank you to the pastors who brought their congregations. Such a treat you are.

Thank you to Pastor Joel Bremer who had no idea he was going to be in a lead position. You step in so graciously and we appreciate you greatly.

Worship lead by Lydia Bremer and Michele White Eagle.


Anointing and Sending into Mission Fields.

Worship lead by Lydia Bremer and Michele White Eagle with the sweet presence of God.

New Page for Pastor James Okalo Ekwang

We have added a new page on our site so you can get to know more about the lead pastor we work with in Uganda and the extent of the ministry under his care. We invite you to come alongside and give your support to this wonderful ministry. You will find his link under Truth Evangelistic Fountain.

How is your love capability working?

When David’s friend, King Saul, turned on him, and sought to kill him, he did not seek to do the same back. Instead, when he had multiple chances, he showed mercy. What will you do when/if your best friend turns on you, rends you, cuts your heart to pieces with words, or even seeks to kill you. Will you show mercy? Will you still love? Will you trust yourself, as well as your friend, to God that He will do the work needed in the situation?

Matt 5:46-48
46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?
47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?
48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. KJV

Invite a Friend


An opportunity has come our way to invite friends, relatives, and those we know in the community. Please click the link above for information about the upcoming mission to our country by Pastor James Okalo Ekwang.

Elements Through Which God Works

The elements present at creation were powerful and were a prerequisite of all that would follow.

GOD SPOKE, the SPIRIT MOVED, and that which He spoke HAPPENED.

Gen 1:1-3
1:1 In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. KJV

When Jesus came and was filled with the Spirit He spoke and the water became wine. He spoke and devils came out of people. JESUS SPOKE, the SPIRIT MOVED, and what He spoke HAPPENED.

Now consider, as children of God, when we HEAR GOD SPEAK, and we SPEAK WHAT HE SAYS, what is going to go forth? It is no longer us that reaches out. It is no longer us that is doing the work. It is always, as it always has been, the power of God answering to His Words spoken in faith. We believe in Him. We trust in Him. For He is trustworthy to do what He speaks.

We need to pray to hear Him and know what He wants done. It can never work with the flesh in leadership because we do not know all the elements with which we are doing as He does.

If we become puffed up and try to steal His glory, we will be able to do  nothing. Isa 66:2 For all those things hath mine hand made, and those things have been, saith the LORD: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word. KJV


Visit to America from Pastor James Ekwang


Uganda Pastor James Ekwang

will be

Ministering at Kooskia City Hall

April 8th and 9th


4 P.M.

You are all invited.

Come and bring a friend.

Bring those in need of prayer and healing.

Come expecting God to be God,


do wonderful things in our midst.

Call 208-935-5582 for more information

Victory Ladies Project Progressing Well

We are proud of our ladies in Barlonyo, Northern Uganda, who are rebuilding lives after the truamas of war and the resulting devastation that took place. The team in Uganda, lead by Sarah Ekwang, have met the ladies with their spouses and families recently to kick off their new entreprenural project – the marketing of produce. They will be learning more about financial management and marketing as the project moves forward. We are excited to see them moving forward well and rejoiced to see the photos of their smiles. Special thank you to Pastor James Ekwang of Truth Evangelistic Fountain, Philip and Sarah Ekwang, working on the ground with the ladies, Claudia Otto, advisor and helper, Moses Ogwang and all involved.

Special thank you to the team member who picked up the Bibles in the language of the land for our ladies. Bibles are one of the branches of our ministry we value greatly and we want everyone involved to know how much you mean to us. These ladies are going to have meetings and encouragement from the Word.



Miracles still happen in God’s kingdom –

Just got this wonderful report in from Pastor James who is on the ministry course at this time….

The father is doing amazing things here. Yesterday a 13 year old boy born deaf and dumb heard and spoke perfectly! A woman with breathing problems, never walked for 11 years, in obesity, had been going to several witch Doctors for help…she got healed and we walked and danced together!

Don’t miss the TEF “Pass the Fire” Event!!

The annual “Pass the Fire” event is happening.

14th -16th of August 2015

Friday and Saturday 8 am – 6 pm
Sunday 2 pm – 7 pm


You won't want to miss this ministry in Lira town, Northern Uganda.Come see the works of God take place, hear His Word shared with anointing, and receive what He has for you.


Missions Celebration is Finally Here!


You are all cordially invited to attend our celebration after the mission trip to Uganda. It was a life changing event for all of us.

Come, ask questions, share in our joy, and get to know what God is doing in and among our beautiful Uganda friends.

Pray for Truth Evangelistic Church in Arua

We were saddened to hear of a wind storm taking down the temporary church building in Arua this past week. Pray for those involved in rebuilding the structure that they receive wisdom and expertise for this project. The tin is still there but the poles of support were damaged.


Crusade in full swing in Gulu


Approximately 20,000 are in attendance at the Gulu Crusade which will continue through the 26th. Miracles, wonders and the Word are going forth. Keep posted for news on this event!