Lango Evangelism Agenda Outreach

On the new year crossover night the Lord put a burden in the heart of Pastor James to preach in all population Center within Lango region. The Lord said, I have brought you to planet earth through this tribe and have made you a blessing to Nations. Now you have an obligation to reach your own people with the gospel.  This happened after preaching the gospels in other countries throughout the years with last being at the north American Christian convention Kansas city which attracted more than 5,000 pastors. From that burden the Lord gave him the theme “Lango Evangelization Agenda”.

  The Lango evangelization agenda will not just go to the villages but to school, colleges, institutions, prisons, hospitals, etc. We will use the radio stations, local newspaper, and other methods to reach the un-reached. The mobilization is to reach the whole Lango region, not for the benefit of our church, but to fulfill God given vision. We will work with any believing church be it Anglican, Charismatics, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc.

  The main goal of Lango Evangelisation agenda is not to open a new church or promote any church but to preach salvation, healing and deliverance through Jesus Christ. Just like we have seen God save, healed and delivered in other countries we want to see the same here. Our people should get delivered from poverty, drunkenness, immorality, etc. For our tribe mates living outside the districts of Lango they should really take great interest in this evangelisation agenda because we’re going to preach to their brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, uncle and aunties. If  we don’t share the  for them they will be the very people corrupting the money sent, getting various illness because of alcohol, drugs and poor hygiene, etc.

Even other international bodies who send money to Lango region should take more interest in funding this particular work because some of the work they’re doing can only be achieved through Gospel sharing. Some of the projects they are doing are not yielding results because the very people who these programs are to benefit are corrupting the money. It’s only through transformation from preaching of the gospel that their lives can change.

You can join us by going to the mission field, commit to praying for the team going to these deep villages to preach the gospel or to support this program financially on our contribute page HERE.