Child Sponsorships

Missions with Africa’s sponsorship program is unique. We serve children who are needy for a variety of reasons, whether orphans, or simply in harsh situations. Our fee is $50/month which sends them to school. The whole amount goes to the child’s fees. We do not takeĀ out any funds for our services. You can donate HERE and then send us a note on our contact page to get started with the child of your choice.

Note: We will soon have a form on our site for sign ups. Our theme for WordPress quit being updated so we had to re-build our site. Our sponsorships program is still working well.

For people who want to send support simply to aid children we have our Child Care program which does support for emergencies, hospital fees for  our children, or for clothing, food, etc. This is very important and we appreciate any gift for this need.  You can donate on our contribute page HERE.

You can click the links to see the children currently up for sponsorships. If you wish to ask questions we would be glad to get back to you from our contact page?