Pastor James Okalo Ekwang

Birth Family

Born August 1974 to a polygamous Anglican family, I grew up deprived of most essential needs in life. The Anglican faith of my parents exposed me to some basics of the Christian faith which would lay a foundation for my later years of a call to ministry.


1992, I gave my life to Jesus following a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit before and on the 9th October 1992. God had called me away from nominal Religious life to follow a path that not only radically changed my life after I was filled in the Holy Spirit 1994, but empower me to lead thousands to Christ. Punctuated by three decades of horrible wars in Northern Uganda which meant to me and many a life of survival and sleepless nights sometimes in the bush, I learnt to trust God in prayers as the only means of assurance of life for the next day or so. Prayers eventually became my lifestyle!

Education and Missions

My admission to a Government sponsored degree in 1995 to the prestigious Makerere University presented me the best platform for missional life when four of us started a Christian Union now saving and blessing thousands, as well as a hub for sponsoring needy students’ tuition. After graduating with a B.A. with Education (Geography and History) 1998, I taught at the National Teachers College, Lira Town College and Dr. Obote College after which I signed off to found the Truth Evangelistic Fountain Ministries 2002, now with 20 some strategic branches in Uganda.


From 2002, I became the lead pastor of Truth Fountain Cathedral-Lira which opened its several branches around Uganda. The 700 member church runs several ministry events geared towards winning souls as well as revivals. In 2008, I was ordained by the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) (ELIM) National leadership as ministry approval from another ministry!

The High Voltage International conferences

Started in 2002, this outdoor crusade brings Christians from all walks of faith to receive teaching and training from approved men and women of God, alongside radical intercession, praise and worship, healing and deliverance, soul winning, etc. Last year, more than 20,000 believers gathered for the revival daily for 7 days and God’s glory was evident as many had divine encounters with the living Christ!


Realizing the need for empowerment in cross cultural ministry, I enrolled for Master of Arts in Global Leadership of Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California 2009-2014

Annual Crusades

In 2011, I heeded a voice to start the Resurrection crusades intended to awaken northern Uganda from the long haul of war which killed the church’s missionary outlook due to the disasters of war that didn’t spare Christians. This 3-4 days event of evangelism and training brings an average of 1100 souls to Christ yearly, with signs, wonders and miracles following!

From 2014, I have been sharing the platform with Rabbi K.A. Schneider in his Crusades and conferences in Africa, which has seen countless people come to Christ in the massive open air crusades we do. Rabbi Schneider is the Television host of Discovering the Jewish Jesus; telecasting out of more than 10 T.V. stations from the U.S.A. and several others in the African continent.

Monthly and other outreaches

I lead several training, discipleship and preaching missions across organizations, denominations and churches on invitation. From World Vision, Compassion international staff retreats, Food for the Hungry International camps, several souls have had their faiths lifted and lives transformed as they received these trainings. Since 1996, the Lord has got me going to spread his good news to Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi, Nigeria, Sierra-Leone, South Africa, England, and the USA, blessing his people with Bible sized miracles, praise the Lord!


From 2006, I founded a child outreach charity that merged with Children of the Nations International to start Children of the Nations Uganda, whose Country Director I have been till date. We raise orphaned and destitute children who came out of the war as well as HIV-AIDS, and other ailments, giving them a place to belong. To date, more than 700 children are under our care for daily meals, education, medicine, clothing,

Spiritual nourishment, and some accommodation.

Some 100 street kids have been rescued and given full board care, with education, medicine, etc. at Saving Grace in Uganda (SGU) that formed out of our church. I chair the board at SGU, which now has a full-fledged primary school of about 600 students.

Passion and Gifting

God blessed me with soul winning, deliverance, and healing. I believe in a GOD of miracles, signs and wonders!

My Family

I am married to a great woman of faith, Agnes, a High School teacher and co-pastor, now blessed with four children, Kimberly, Clark, Bonnke, and Eloi. We adopted other 6 orphan children (Fortunate, Brenda, Abraham, Fousia, Maggie and Joan) some already completed their university education, while we also care for 6 of our younger siblings, and also sponsor some two students who dropped out of school due to lack of fees.