Arua Outreach

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Arua Truth Evangelistic Church is located on the far Northern border of Uganda, close to  Southern Sudan and DRC .  It is a key to reaching into these areas with ministry and Bibles. For some time now TEF has been taking our Bibles into these areas. Due to the social infrastructure of turmoil in both countries, Arua is also a place of great cultural variety as people from DRC and Southern Sudan come across the border. The refugee camps in this region are now populated by over a million people. This church is sitting  in a place for influence in reaching a vast amount of these people flowing into their area. We take this very seriously and visited three of the refugee outreaches while in the country on the 2017 missions trip.

1. Pastor Chris and Katheryn Bulea, leaders of Arua TEF Church  2. Pastor Christ, Laura and Steven Millar, Lenta Hall, Scovia Amongi during the 2018 Oct/Nov missions trip.

For some time the church was in a temporary building on the property they had worked for and purchased. Unfortunately, in April of 2015, a big wind blew down the church. Rather than be discouraged and give up, the membership decided to see this as the time to build their permanent structure. During the mission  visit this past Oct/Nov 2017 the team were blessed to see the new church is STANDING and has a ROOF on it. What a tremendous work. The youth began to build bricks and the walls went up. Then the ladies began small businesses and the roof went on. Below are photos of the progress.

Today, July of 2019, the church is standing, windows, doors, and the cement stage have just gone in and projects are under way for all the finishing touches. Congratulations Arua team! Thank you to our American friends who have also helped with progress up to this point. What an encouragement!

Arua leaders are disciplers, trainers, evangelists, and hard workers. It was a great pleasure to travel to their area to serve the Father alongside them.

This year, President of MwA, Lenta Hall returned and it was great to see the progress going forward, people coming to Jesus in schools, prisons, among teens, and to see the youth working even harder with great plans which they are carrying out successfully.

Also this year the doors of connection were opened for reaching into the refugee camps near Arua. The second largest refugee camp in the world is in Northern Uganda. Pastor Simon is already there in one camp reaching out to children and families.

The Bible program is expanding as we share out the Word in the languages of the people of the land as well as English KJV Bibles. This outreach is always desperately needed with more need than supply. Any of you who are lead to help with this work are most welcome. We need you.

You can come alongside this project and be a very special blessing in this area.  You will be a part of a work that is going into areas so far barely touched with the Gospel. Click HERE to go to our secure Contribution page with your offering. All donations are tax deductible.