The first Lango Evangelization Agenda

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Pastor James successfully launched the Agenda last weekend in Okwang with Miracles, signs and wonders following.

The first and the most important miracle is that 48 people gave their lives to Christ. There were many healing testimonies recorded.

Nighty had a chest pain for eleven years, she could vomit pus and was x-rayed nine times but nothing was found and this left her with no money to seek for further medical attention. From the morning of the crusade day she was feeling too much pain in her chest but when she came to the crusade ground and started praising God all the pain left and she is now freely praising God.

Josephine is a single mother. Because of the weight of family demand, she developed chest pain because of over worrying about no one to build her a house and other challenges. Because of all these she felt sick and tried seeking medical treatment but there was no improvement. When she came to the crusade ground and started praising God the pain left, hope was restored and she was filed with joy that she could make it.

Brenda had a demonic attack for years but during prayer time she felt something developing from within her belly like a vapour and it came out from her mouth with a force. Immediately she felt relieved and freed.

Betty had a serious headache that hindered her sight. The headache came because of anger and depression because of being a single mother but in the time of prayer she felt a cold, like a storm, come upon her and immediately the headache left and the sight was restored to normal and she could now see the crowd.

Lillian woke up in the morning dreaming that she was bathing in a very clean water. But when she woke up there was no water. As she was going to the garden she heard our sound team playing gospel music and she said I must go to this crusade.

Betty for long was attack by demons because of over worrying for the parents that died in the war. When she heard about the crusade she made up her mind to come and get saved, which she did. She also had a sharp pain in the legs that couldn’t allow her to walk long distances but when she came to the crusade ground the pain left as she started jumping and praising God. When the pastor started praying for the sick she felt a cold breeze move upon her and the lump in her breast also disappeared.

Confirmation of the Crusade

One sign we saw and was confirmed to us that the Lord had sent us to do the crusade was of a dream Pastor saw four days prior to the crusade. In the dream he saw three boys who were digging inside an ant hill for the honey and as they continued there was a disagreement between them and one person left. Upon the two who remained something like darkness came and covered them.

Now Pastor had no interpretation to the dream but, to our amazement, and shock, when we reached the mission field in Okwang we found it exactly as was shown in the dream. That same day we found that three young boys had gone to the bush to dig for honey from the ant hill because they were hungry and they needed something to eat. But there arose a disagreement between them and one boy  left only to return and set the bush on fire while the two were still inside the ant hill fetching the honey. When one of the remaining two saw the fire he urged the friend to leave the honey so that they can both escape, but the boy refused and continued fetching the honey. Unfortunately the fire engulfed him and killed him.

And we believe that the Lord was ministering to the people of Okwang that if they don’t accept Jesus darkness is going to catch up with them and they will end up in hell fire.

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