The Healing Testimonies from the Just concluded International Healing Summit

It’s no mystery what God can do! It became more spectacular at the just concluded 17th annual High Voltage miracle Chapter international Healing summit where we so many people with various kinds of ailment totally healed and set free. Just like the theme of the conference “Angel Troubling Water” curved from John 5:2-4 states. The conference was like a pool where anybody with any type of ailment can come and jumped in and was made whole. Here are a few of the many healing that happened.
Stella was having abdominal pain for the last thirteen years. she went to several doctors who couldn’t treat her but were only giving her pain killers but to God be the glory she was perfectly healed during the time of prayers at the conference.

this  lady was having lower abdominal pain for four month and the midwives told her that its normal and she was not put on any medication but to God be the Glory the pain vanished during prayer time and she is now free 

Daisy was feeling chest pain and blockage in the nose that made her to have hardship in breathing but to God be the glory during the time of prayer the pain vanished and the blockage in the nose disappeared.

This lady for nine years was having serious pain in the waist. she tried medical treatment and gave up but she was perfectly healed during the time of prayer

This child was brought lifeless to the conference but during the time of prayer he was touched by the power of God and life came back to him. we give God the Glory

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