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Pastor James Okalo Ekwang, Senior Pastor of Truth Evangelistic Fountain with it’s many ministries sent us a wonderful letter of testimony concerning the Bible outreach.
Truth Fountain does a unique outreach by giving Bibles to leaders who train leaders, to students who are fast learning to live holy and to reach out to others, teachers, prisoners, hospital staff, and even other church leaders. The following report is one of those outreaches to a pastor of his community.
Dear Beloved of the Lord,  Rev.James,Thanks you so much for the Prayers and the Bibles. The mission to Nambyieso was very Successful as a result of the students of Uganda College of Commerce Aduku using the Bibles you gave us that I gave to them.
The Door to Door and Open Air Evangelism was Very Successful in which 151 gave their lives to Christ Jesus in the three villages of Nambyieso which they reached using the the King James Bibles.
The strethegy of reaching the few with Bibles to reach the masses is working very well.The students confessed that they will continue to preach in their village using the Bible I gave them ,when they go back to their villages for holidays,others said they will keep on going to preach at schools,hospitals,prisons,door to doors etc.
This world is going to pass away but what is done for Christ will last forever.
Keep on doing that good work of reaching the few with Bibles so that they reach the masses.
Time is short we have to occupy in the Father,s Business.
Enclose are few pictures I took,
1- The students in the village holding their hands praying before they start praising and worshiping God on the crusade ground,
2-4 Singing and dancing praising God in an African way.
5-6 People giving their lives to Christ Jesus.
7- Ministering deliverance.
8-10.On Sunday the last day many came to the church including the New converts and church got full as seen,others sat outside the church veranda.
I humbly request you to keep on supplying us as the Lord provide. There are many urgent needs for Bibles  for fellowship at prisons,schools,villages, etc.There are those who can not afford to buy but very committed and have the passion to serve God .I pray the Lord meet these needs.
We remain praying for you that God Bless you and the one who send the fund for the Bibles,May the Lord Preserve your coming out and going in for His Assignment.
AGAPE……..Bro.Vincent Otucu (Roman 8:35).
(If you wish to be a part of this much needed ministry of Bible supply you can click here to go to our donation page. Your donation is tax deductible and your blessing is for all eternity.)

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