Just Concluded “Pass the Fire” Conference

The “Pass the Fire” Conference that ended few days ago was full of life, insight into God’s word and deep moments of worship.

The Congolese band and the saxophonist blended the meeting with great talent during worship and praise sessions. On the last day of the conference as the man of God was  on stage and worship was going on one of the people in the congregation came forward to give her life to Christ and the amazing part of it is that she was a Muslim and she came dressed on her Muslim attire. She felt so touched by worship and convicted by the Holy Spirit and she couldn’t wait for the alter call to be made.  After the worship the man of God, Pastor James, led her to Christ. This spark a lot of excitement within the congregation cause no man can do such things except God. It’s also not a common happening within the town that Muslim comes to Christ easily. It takes the Holy Spirit.

People came from different churches and ministries to be part of the conference. Many of them were taken aback on Saturday when the woman of God, Pastor Angela Lougee, shared about Holy Communion. In the two hours sermon she gave reasons and proved from scripture the need to partake the Lord’s super consistently and that many have become weak because of neglecting the Lord’s super.

There were so much and I will be unveiling them in our subsequent posts!

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