The Kingdom is Within You

Wanted to share a link to a Daniel Kolenda’s short message.

It expresses beautifully Jesus’ central message about the Kingdom of God.

1.) Jesus’ theme was the kingdom.

2.) The Kingdom of God is a Dominion Kingdom with a King: God the Father.

3.) Jesus’ words: Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.

4.) The will of God in you brings the Kingdom of God wherever you are.

5.) When the Kingdom truly comes, satan has to bow.

6.) When the Kingdom comes things begin to change.

7.) The Kingdom requires demonstration. It has to LOOK like something.

8.) Your temple is a territory of the Kingdom of God.

9.) The Kingdom is the central teaching of Jesus. He told of it and then demonstrated it.

10.) Jesus healed the sick to prove that you could. The Kingdom of God must flow out.


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