Rev Dr James Okalo Ekwang in an Apostolic visit

Rev Dr James Okalo Ekwang paid a visit to four branch churches this week. The purpose of the visit was to meet the leadership, pray with them and encourage them. Rev Dr James gifted all these churches with bibles. All of these churches are in a great need of bibles because most of the people they pastor can’t afford a bible. Among the branch churches that were visited are;

  1. Aduku Truth evangelistic fountain church, were Rev James met the leadership, prayed with them and encouraged with the word from the book 2 Timothy 2:2-3. He encouraged them to study the bible and even go for theological training. Aduku TEF is just three years old but has now acquired a land and has erected a temporary shade for worship.

2. Apac TEF. Apac TEF was the first branch church to be opened under truth evangelistic fountain ministries. Rev James challenged them to set up their faith and start a permanent church construction. He challenged them to start and create programs that helps and gives service to the community. Rev James prayed, anointed, and had Holy Communion with them. They were encouraged and strengthen to move forward with the ministry.

3. Ayera Akokoro TEF. Ayera was exceptional in all these visits because they mobilized the whole community. Rev shared from Titus 2:11 and prayed for them.

4. Oyam TEF. Oyam TEF is a young church under TEF but has grown within a short time and now is the leading church in Oyam town with highest number of morning Sunday worship attendance and powerful weekly programs.

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