Partnership to fight COVID-19

Our ministry was glad to receive a hand washing facility with a (tank 135ltrs, bucket-30l, sink basin and trash bin), 20-litres of liquid soap and infrared thermometer(temperature gun) from Africa platform for social protection the organization that was created in September 2008 as a network of organisations and individuals operating at sub-national, national and regional levels, with a commitment to promoting and strengthening the social contract between states and citizens. The Platform promotes active engagement of African civil society in the shaping of social protection policies, programs, and practices in 25 countries in Africa. Out of the eleven churches selected in lango region our church is blessed to be among two Pentecostal churches. the items was received by our assistant executive pastor who doubles as our chairman finance and planning. as a ministry we decided to give to one of our branch church since they’re seriously lacking and needs help.

Fighting COVID-19

The current look of TEF Children’s church

Truth Evangelistic Fountain Cathedral Lira children’s church that will be the first of its kind in northern Uganda after completion is now at the roofing level. the metallic Iron needed to roof has already be ordered from the factories. we sincerely appreciate everyone who has been supporting this project, May God immensely bless you.

Children’s Church construction

Truth Evangelistic Fountain cathedral is constructing a modern style children’s church with different classes for different age groups. when completed it will be one of it’s kind in northern Uganda, the new children’s  church also has offices for each class.

TEF Mothers preaching in the suburbs of Lira town

Women’s department of Truth evangelistic fountain main church has just concluded a two day’s crusade in a re-known suburb of Lira town Teso-bar. Teso-bar is a hub for different kinds of evil, its one of the leading suburb in taking alcohol, prostitution, among others. The bold mothers of TEFM preached and in the two days eleven people gave their lives to Christ. The second day there was a lot of rain drizzling but that in no way hinder our mothers from preaching. we’re really grateful for everyone that supported them and they’re looking forward to preach in many other suburbs that have not yet been reached with the gospel.

Rev Dr James Okalo Ekwang in an Apostolic visit

Rev Dr James Okalo Ekwang paid a visit to four branch churches this week. The purpose of the visit was to meet the leadership, pray with them and encourage them. Rev Dr James gifted all these churches with bibles. All of these churches are in a great need of bibles because most of the people they pastor can’t afford a bible. Among the branch churches that were visited are;

  1. Aduku Truth evangelistic fountain church, were Rev James met the leadership, prayed with them and encouraged with the word from the book 2 Timothy 2:2-3. He encouraged them to study the bible and even go for theological training. Aduku TEF is just three years old but has now acquired a land and has erected a temporary shade for worship.

2. Apac TEF. Apac TEF was the first branch church to be opened under truth evangelistic fountain ministries. Rev James challenged them to set up their faith and start a permanent church construction. He challenged them to start and create programs that helps and gives service to the community. Rev James prayed, anointed, and had Holy Communion with them. They were encouraged and strengthen to move forward with the ministry.

3. Ayera Akokoro TEF. Ayera was exceptional in all these visits because they mobilized the whole community. Rev shared from Titus 2:11 and prayed for them.

4. Oyam TEF. Oyam TEF is a young church under TEF but has grown within a short time and now is the leading church in Oyam town with highest number of morning Sunday worship attendance and powerful weekly programs.

Passover celebration

Passover is a celebration  for the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt. according to the Jewish any Israelite who missed Passover  should be cut off. we the gentiles now grafted in, we shouldn’t under rate it any way because that’s our root. In this traditional celebration organised by Professor Dokotum who is chairperson Council Truth evangelistic fountain cathedral and his wife Pamela in-conjunction with truth evangelistic fountain church, many testified about being enlighten with their hebrew root of their faith, the bitter herbs eaten in the celebration reminded us of how bitter our sins are before God. the Passover celebration reminds us of our Hebrew roots that’s being taken away by western culture! here are some pictures from the celebration!

The first Lango Evangelization Agenda

Lango Evangelism Page HERE.

Pastor James successfully launched the Agenda last weekend in Okwang with Miracles, signs and wonders following.

The first and the most important miracle is that 48 people gave their lives to Christ. There were many healing testimonies recorded.

Nighty had a chest pain for eleven years, she could vomit pus and was x-rayed nine times but nothing was found and this left her with no money to seek for further medical attention. From the morning of the crusade day she was feeling too much pain in her chest but when she came to the crusade ground and started praising God all the pain left and she is now freely praising God.

Josephine is a single mother. Because of the weight of family demand, she developed chest pain because of over worrying about no one to build her a house and other challenges. Because of all these she felt sick and tried seeking medical treatment but there was no improvement. When she came to the crusade ground and started praising God the pain left, hope was restored and she was filed with joy that she could make it.

Brenda had a demonic attack for years but during prayer time she felt something developing from within her belly like a vapour and it came out from her mouth with a force. Immediately she felt relieved and freed.

Betty had a serious headache that hindered her sight. The headache came because of anger and depression because of being a single mother but in the time of prayer she felt a cold, like a storm, come upon her and immediately the headache left and the sight was restored to normal and she could now see the crowd.

Lillian woke up in the morning dreaming that she was bathing in a very clean water. But when she woke up there was no water. As she was going to the garden she heard our sound team playing gospel music and she said I must go to this crusade.

Betty for long was attack by demons because of over worrying for the parents that died in the war. When she heard about the crusade she made up her mind to come and get saved, which she did. She also had a sharp pain in the legs that couldn’t allow her to walk long distances but when she came to the crusade ground the pain left as she started jumping and praising God. When the pastor started praying for the sick she felt a cold breeze move upon her and the lump in her breast also disappeared.

Confirmation of the Crusade

One sign we saw and was confirmed to us that the Lord had sent us to do the crusade was of a dream Pastor saw four days prior to the crusade. In the dream he saw three boys who were digging inside an ant hill for the honey and as they continued there was a disagreement between them and one person left. Upon the two who remained something like darkness came and covered them.

Now Pastor had no interpretation to the dream but, to our amazement, and shock, when we reached the mission field in Okwang we found it exactly as was shown in the dream. That same day we found that three young boys had gone to the bush to dig for honey from the ant hill because they were hungry and they needed something to eat. But there arose a disagreement between them and one boy  left only to return and set the bush on fire while the two were still inside the ant hill fetching the honey. When one of the remaining two saw the fire he urged the friend to leave the honey so that they can both escape, but the boy refused and continued fetching the honey. Unfortunately the fire engulfed him and killed him.

And we believe that the Lord was ministering to the people of Okwang that if they don’t accept Jesus darkness is going to catch up with them and they will end up in hell fire.

TEF Youths preaching in the Villages

The youths of truth Evangelistic fountain church Lira have just return from a mission in Aromo. Aromo is a sub- county North of Lira District! It is mostly populated with young people below 30years, many of them lost their parents in the LRA war a great percentage of them are orphans and others are in the child headed families.  It was a time of refreshing as the youth preach the message of hope and salvation in and through Jesus Christ! In these four days gospel crusade and door to door evangelism 193 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ!

They never wanted the crusade to end and every night they could gather in the local market Where the crusade was taking place from 4pm till midnight praising God and waiting for their moment  of deliverance. During deliverance session demons came out of many of them both young and old. Some of the deliverance went on till late in the night but glory be to God all of them got delivered.

Truth Evangelistic Fountain has a branch church in Aromo to help disciple the people that got saved during the crusade and by last Sunday which also the last day of the crusade the church was already overflowing!

We give God the glory for all HE is doing through the youth ministry!

Pastor James at the Thanksgiving ceremony

Last week it was a privilege to minister in a thanks giving ceremony organised by one of our Church member Apita Patrick and his wife Grace. This couple have been conducting thanksgiving for six years and this year was the seventh one. During this function that starts with a whole night prayer and celebration in the morning attracts friends of the family members, church leaders and the entire community. The host gave gift of sheep and goat to the servants of God as a way of thanking God because God’s servants are HIS ambassadors on earth.

This year pastor James shared four Goals of thanks giving before preaching;

  1. Thanks giving should impact everyone towards breakthrough
  2. Thanksgiving should be a means to preach the gospel and be an opportunity for people to give their lives to Jesus Christ
  3. Thanks giving is an opportunity to so love to one another
  4. Thanks giving meeting gives you opportunity to make new friends and share gifts.

He then preached from Luke 17:11-19

And it came to pass, as he went to Jerusalem, that he passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee.   12 And as he entered into a certain village, there met him ten men that were lepers, which stood afar off:  13 And they lifted up their voices, and said, Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.   14 And when he saw them, he said unto them, Go show yourselves unto the priests.   And it came to pass, that, as they went, they were cleansed.   15 And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God, 16 And fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks:  and he was a Samaritan.   17 And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed?  but where are the nine?  18 There are not found that returned to give glory to God, save this stranger.   19 And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way:  thy faith hath made thee whole.

He went ahead to say that the 10 lepers in the book of Luke were not in Jesus program and Jesus was not in their program but because of the great need they had they shouted with aloud voice to Jesus when they saw Him and they were healed.

If God is to heal you; you need to make the initiative.

If we want God to heal us we should show Him that we’re desperate just like these lepers.

Towards the end of the sermon two people came forward to recommit their lives to Christ. Pastor James prayed for them and also for all the family members releasing blessing to them, He then went to the farm and blessed the livestock.

The Healing Testimonies from the Just concluded International Healing Summit

It’s no mystery what God can do! It became more spectacular at the just concluded 17th annual High Voltage miracle Chapter international Healing summit where we so many people with various kinds of ailment totally healed and set free. Just like the theme of the conference “Angel Troubling Water” curved from John 5:2-4 states. The conference was like a pool where anybody with any type of ailment can come and jumped in and was made whole. Here are a few of the many healing that happened.
Stella was having abdominal pain for the last thirteen years. she went to several doctors who couldn’t treat her but were only giving her pain killers but to God be the glory she was perfectly healed during the time of prayers at the conference.

this  lady was having lower abdominal pain for four month and the midwives told her that its normal and she was not put on any medication but to God be the Glory the pain vanished during prayer time and she is now free 

Daisy was feeling chest pain and blockage in the nose that made her to have hardship in breathing but to God be the glory during the time of prayer the pain vanished and the blockage in the nose disappeared.

This lady for nine years was having serious pain in the waist. she tried medical treatment and gave up but she was perfectly healed during the time of prayer

This child was brought lifeless to the conference but during the time of prayer he was touched by the power of God and life came back to him. we give God the Glory

Gospel Mission to Hoima District

It was a great time of fellowship, Praise, Prayer and deep insight preaching of God’s word last Friday the 23rd November 2018 at our branch Church in Hoima.  Hoima District is a district in Western Uganda. Like most other Ugandan districts, it is named after its main municipal center, Hoima. The population of the district according to the 2012 census was estimated at 548, 800.

The church that is pastured by a great woman of God Pastor Monica is one of the fast growing branch churches under Truth Evangelistic Fountain Ministries.growing branch churches under Truth Evangelistic Fountain Ministries.

It’s amazing that the church that is located in the suburb of the town were the poor of the poorest lives has acquired her own land and erected a temporary structure without any external support.

The Lord graced this meeting by touching people through the preaching of God’s word and revelation during prayer time. By revelation Pastor James prayed for a woman who couldn’t hear well with hear left ear but after prayer she was healed perfectly.


Windows for Arua, Northern Uganda, Truth Fountain Church


Six of the thirteen windows needed for the Arua Church!


We are very proud to be associated with the hard working church members of Truth Fountain Arua Church. This amazing group have a women’s group who worked to put a roof on the building whereas the youth built bricks and men brought up the structure all the while doing steady outreaches in prisons, hospitals, on the street and with conferences and prayer nights.

Bible Outreach Increases

Pastor James Okalo Ekwang, Senior Pastor of Truth Evangelistic Fountain with it’s many ministries sent us a wonderful letter of testimony concerning the Bible outreach.
Truth Fountain does a unique outreach by giving Bibles to leaders who train leaders, to students who are fast learning to live holy and to reach out to others, teachers, prisoners, hospital staff, and even other church leaders. The following report is one of those outreaches to a pastor of his community.
Dear Beloved of the Lord,  Rev.James,Thanks you so much for the Prayers and the Bibles. The mission to Nambyieso was very Successful as a result of the students of Uganda College of Commerce Aduku using the Bibles you gave us that I gave to them.
The Door to Door and Open Air Evangelism was Very Successful in which 151 gave their lives to Christ Jesus in the three villages of Nambyieso which they reached using the the King James Bibles.
The strethegy of reaching the few with Bibles to reach the masses is working very well.The students confessed that they will continue to preach in their village using the Bible I gave them ,when they go back to their villages for holidays,others said they will keep on going to preach at schools,hospitals,prisons,door to doors etc.
This world is going to pass away but what is done for Christ will last forever.
Keep on doing that good work of reaching the few with Bibles so that they reach the masses.
Time is short we have to occupy in the Father,s Business.
Enclose are few pictures I took,
1- The students in the village holding their hands praying before they start praising and worshiping God on the crusade ground,
2-4 Singing and dancing praising God in an African way.
5-6 People giving their lives to Christ Jesus.
7- Ministering deliverance.
8-10.On Sunday the last day many came to the church including the New converts and church got full as seen,others sat outside the church veranda.
I humbly request you to keep on supplying us as the Lord provide. There are many urgent needs for Bibles  for fellowship at prisons,schools,villages, etc.There are those who can not afford to buy but very committed and have the passion to serve God .I pray the Lord meet these needs.
We remain praying for you that God Bless you and the one who send the fund for the Bibles,May the Lord Preserve your coming out and going in for His Assignment.
AGAPE……..Bro.Vincent Otucu (Roman 8:35).
(If you wish to be a part of this much needed ministry of Bible supply you can click here to go to our donation page. Your donation is tax deductible and your blessing is for all eternity.)

Quotes from

News from Northern, Uganda youth outreach

Just got this photo and a report in from Northern Uganda. Bro. Patrick Ocheng had the privilege of ministering to these youth of Adravu primary school. Some of them are total orphans.We talked to them about the love of God and they were greatly encouraged. In the photo near the grass house were students gathered for discipleship.

The 17th Annual High Voltage Miracle Chapter aka International Healing Summit

For the last 16 years northern Uganda have been impacted by High Voltage miracle conference. its a type that draws people from all walks of life and many lives have been transformed inspired and change. the conference has drawn men and women of God from over 20 countries through the years .

This year it will been the 17th annual High Voltage miracle Chapter. and we have chosen to call it International Healing Summit. for the past eight or so years it has been at Lira Town college but this time it will be at our Church grounds near the army barracks.

The main speak for this year is Apostle Dr. Nhlanhla Mabaso of Jehovah Reigns ministries south Africa. he will minister along servants of God like Rev Dr. Charles Adams, Evangelist  Andrine Joyner all from United states. Rev George Otaka from Truth Fountain Church Kampala, Rev James and Agnes Okalo Ekwang the host all will be ministering.

The summit will be spiced by great worship and praise sessions that will be led by Our home coming brother Edward Silas Olara from USA,  Katongo Nachipwa from Zambia and Patrick Fazir the saxophonist from Entebbe Uganda.

You’re warmly welcome to be part of what God is doing in Lira Northern Uganda and also to contribute financially towards the conference

Just Concluded “Pass the Fire” Conference

The “Pass the Fire” Conference that ended few days ago was full of life, insight into God’s word and deep moments of worship.

The Congolese band and the saxophonist blended the meeting with great talent during worship and praise sessions. On the last day of the conference as the man of God was  on stage and worship was going on one of the people in the congregation came forward to give her life to Christ and the amazing part of it is that she was a Muslim and she came dressed on her Muslim attire. She felt so touched by worship and convicted by the Holy Spirit and she couldn’t wait for the alter call to be made.  After the worship the man of God, Pastor James, led her to Christ. This spark a lot of excitement within the congregation cause no man can do such things except God. It’s also not a common happening within the town that Muslim comes to Christ easily. It takes the Holy Spirit.

People came from different churches and ministries to be part of the conference. Many of them were taken aback on Saturday when the woman of God, Pastor Angela Lougee, shared about Holy Communion. In the two hours sermon she gave reasons and proved from scripture the need to partake the Lord’s super consistently and that many have become weak because of neglecting the Lord’s super.

There were so much and I will be unveiling them in our subsequent posts!

Wheel Chair Distribution 2018

On the 5th of September 2018 through the women Member of Parliament and the leadership of Lira District Local government in Partnership with Fathers Heart Mobility, our ministry distributed over 1200 Wheel Chairs to the people with disabilities. More than 50 people who came to receive the wheel chairs gave their lives to Christ.The Honorable Joy Ongom, who is the women’s representative in the parliament, or house of senate, really appreciated the ministry and Pastor James for the work they’re doing in changing lives and giving hope to the hopeless.  They’re still many who are disabled and have been abandoned and you can be part of their lives by praying and supporting them!


Truth Evangelistic Fountain Cathedral Lira will be hosting over 140 Pastors and Church leaders representing thirty four branch churches of the ministry with Uganda this month of September from 21st to 22nd.

This historical meeting will be a moment of refocus on the vision the Lord gave at the onset of the ministry.

The presiding Bishop of the ministry, James Okalo Ekwang, will elaborately expound on the theme REFOCUS that’s taken from the book of 2 Corinthians 13:5 (AMP).

Test and evaluate yourselves to see whether you are in the faith and living your lives as [committed] believers. Examine yourselves [by an on-going experience] that Jesus Christ is in you-unless indeed you fail the test and are rejected as counterfeit?

Rev James will minister together with Rev George Otaka who will tackle the ministry’s vision obligation and excellence of the ministry.

Truth Evangelistic Fountain Ministries was founded on the February 25, 2002, and registered with the NGO National Board on the 23rd August 2002, after our precious Lord laid a great burden for Revival and aggressive Evangelism in the hearts of Brothers James Okalo Ekwang, George Otaka and the late Johnson Enamu. Together they have raised up a ministry which is blessing countless lives across the globe.

Pass the Fire Conference 2018

Pass the Fire Conference is an indoor conference held at Truth Evangelistic Fountain Mission cathedral in the middle of the year and it is meant to empower ministers in our ministry and other partner ministries. It’s also a Homecoming conference for our members and partners within and abroad. It’s a type to raise more spirit filled ministers of the gospel.

This year we will be hosting the fifth annual Pass the fire conference from the 6th to 9th September 2018. It will feature one of the great women of God who have been privileged to have four heavenly experiences.

Angela Lougee is impacting lives across the US, Africa, and Europe with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A graduate of Revival Impact Bible School, Lougee is passionate about sharing practical wisdom and biblical teaching to those seeking to fulfil their divine purpose. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, as well as a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from The Robert Gordon University, in Aberdeen, Scotland. She is an ordained minister, certified behavioural analyst, anointed speaker, life coach, doting wife and proud mother.

She has authored books like Why Enter Heaven Unannounced? , Why Enter Heaven Unannounced?  And Beyond Sonship to Friendship .

We will also be hosting Crown of Glory ministry directed by Laura kress who will come along with her husband James Kress. Crown of Glory conducts food distribution to the disable and the elderly, giving sanitary pads to women and so many other ministries to the poor in Northern Uganda.

You can be part of this pass the fire conference by attending or by giving to support the conference.