The current look of TEF Children’s church

Truth Evangelistic Fountain Cathedral Lira children’s church that will be the first of its kind in northern Uganda after completion is now at the roofing level. the metallic Iron needed to roof has already be ordered from the factories. we sincerely appreciate everyone who has been supporting this project, May God immensely bless you.

Children’s Church construction

Truth Evangelistic Fountain cathedral is constructing a modern style children’s church with different classes for different age groups. when completed it will be one of it’s kind in northern Uganda, the new children’s  church also has offices for each class.

TEF Mothers preaching in the suburbs of Lira town

Women’s department of Truth evangelistic fountain main church has just concluded a two day’s crusade in a re-known suburb of Lira town Teso-bar. Teso-bar is a hub for different kinds of evil, its one of the leading suburb in taking alcohol, prostitution, among others. The bold mothers of TEFM preached and in the two days eleven people gave their lives to Christ. The second day there was a lot of rain drizzling but that in no way hinder our mothers from preaching. we’re really grateful for everyone that supported them and they’re looking forward to preach in many other suburbs that have not yet been reached with the gospel.

Rev Dr James Okalo Ekwang in an Apostolic visit

Rev Dr James Okalo Ekwang paid a visit to four branch churches this week. The purpose of the visit was to meet the leadership, pray with them and encourage them. Rev Dr James gifted all these churches with bibles. All of these churches are in a great need of bibles because most of the people they pastor can’t afford a bible. Among the branch churches that were visited are;

  1. Aduku Truth evangelistic fountain church, were Rev James met the leadership, prayed with them and encouraged with the word from the book 2 Timothy 2:2-3. He encouraged them to study the bible and even go for theological training. Aduku TEF is just three years old but has now acquired a land and has erected a temporary shade for worship.

2. Apac TEF. Apac TEF was the first branch church to be opened under truth evangelistic fountain ministries. Rev James challenged them to set up their faith and start a permanent church construction. He challenged them to start and create programs that helps and gives service to the community. Rev James prayed, anointed, and had Holy Communion with them. They were encouraged and strengthen to move forward with the ministry.

3. Ayera Akokoro TEF. Ayera was exceptional in all these visits because they mobilized the whole community. Rev shared from Titus 2:11 and prayed for them.

4. Oyam TEF. Oyam TEF is a young church under TEF but has grown within a short time and now is the leading church in Oyam town with highest number of morning Sunday worship attendance and powerful weekly programs.

Passover celebration

Passover is a celebration  for the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt. according to the Jewish any Israelite who missed Passover  should be cut off. we the gentiles now grafted in, we shouldn’t under rate it any way because that’s our root. In this traditional celebration organised by Professor Dokotum who is chairperson Council Truth evangelistic fountain cathedral and his wife Pamela in-conjunction with truth evangelistic fountain church, many testified about being enlighten with their hebrew root of their faith, the bitter herbs eaten in the celebration reminded us of how bitter our sins are before God. the Passover celebration reminds us of our Hebrew roots that’s being taken away by western culture! here are some pictures from the celebration!