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Missions with Africa, Inc.; P. O. Box 731, Kamiah, ID 83536
Email: walkinfire11@gmail.com; Phone: 1-208-935-5582
Our mission is practical, providing items needed for survival to the needy as God blesses us. It is spiritual, providing guidance, encouragement and support for those in unreached areas who are victims of wars and other disasters in Africa, America and other parts of the world, as the Lord directs. It is futuristic in that we endeavor, through Gospel based education, to reach out to those who have not had the privilege of formal study enabling them to have a better future.
We believe that every person has value with God, as the Creator of mankind. God is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34-35) but gives the opportunity for every individual to become one of His own by the gift of His Son Jesus Christ. We believe He does this through the Born-Again experience. In dealing with others we want to do what is best in respect to their spiritual, physical, emotional, economic and social preservation.
(Matthew 28:19-20) tells us we are to go and teach all nations the Gospel. (Matthew 25:35-40) tells us the practical application of the Gospel. MwA is an American connection for Truth Fountain Evangelistic (TFE) in Lira, Northern Uganda as well as Christ Testimony Ministries (CTM) in Bungoma, Kenya. Our goal is to provide a way for ministry to flow between churches, Christian organizations, and helps organizations to those who have had no chance to receive the Word or who are in need. We also have a great love for children, hence, our Sponsorship/Child Care programs.
We invite you to browse our site, learn from our Bible studies under our Scriptures link, and look into our programs to understand the rewarding work in which we are engaged. We would love to have you come alongside us and be a part of ministering to those in need.
(Psalm 62:12; 1 Corinthians 3:8) The work of the Gospel is a blessing to all those who participate.
Mission Statement
MwA exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through educational, practical and spiritual provision and to accommodate connections between Christian individuals, Christian organizations and Helps organizations to the needy.